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VIS services for Vietnamese companies wishing to expand their business overseas are designed to thoroughly help their diversified demand to successfully navigate all challenging issues in all stages of their international expansion strategies. Our services are but not limited to:

Significant information for initial research on a bold step of first expansion planning decision: These information can be first general market demand research of some potential countries; economic factors; political and social climate; tax and regulatory environment; location and infrastructure; cultural compatibility; etc

Supportive information for the company to choose their location: The information is tailored and specific to the market chosen such as legal and tax system; incentives from the government offered to foreign products/services; cultural business etiquette; local workforce; trade barriers; etc

Detailed information and tailored support for companies to formulate and execute the overseas expansion strategy: match making to potential business partners; suitable cooperation mechanism; most effective operating structure; market research on specific products to identify best targeted market segment; competitors information for companies to position them in the selected market; distributional channel and marketing plans; pricing, supply chain strategy; foreign exchange management and currency risk/ control; financing solutions; how to get to business tie-ups; possible exit or wind-out plan; etc

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