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The globalization trend is extensively increasing in the world economy. It has given strong impacts on each business in every country including Vietnam – an emerging market with effective intergration to global economy. Each business owner or entrepreneur now realize the compelling benefits of expanding overseas and doing business globally.

It is the best solution for all of your company concerns: opportunities to increase sales of your products or services; market share increase; brand value enhancement; diversification to mitigate the risk of reliance on one domestic market; picking the most suitable distributor; or identifying potentially fruitful investment solution for your companies, etc.

However, there are many obstacles while deciding to expand overseas with your products or services, as there are so many unknown factors that you need to explore and study carefully from very first step of suitable countries selecting to languages; general cultural and politic practices to economic factors; from trade customs to market size and segmentation for your specific products, etc. VIS offers useful resources and services to you.

Foreign business opportunities can be in every countries and every industries for you:

US – a large market with high and diversified importing demand and it is considered biggest exporting market for Vietnam currently with average turnover of USD20bil per annum in various kinds of products such as agricultural products, seafood, garments and textiles, wood products, and footwear… US is also one of key importing market for Vietnam in computers and electronics, machines and spare parts, poultry feed and cotton.

EU market still remain potential for Vietnamese exporters in many industries despite the sluggish growth of EU in recent years. Key export to EU market are also farm products, textiles and garments, footwear and woodwork products, and imports are machinery, technology.

Besides, there are more markets that Vietnamese companies should explore possibilities such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Africa, etc.

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