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To foreign companies looking for opportunity in Vietnam market

Vietnam Insight is your Vietnam trade adviser, plays the role of a bridge between your business and Vietnam market. Whatever stage of development your business is at, we can give you the support that you need to expand and prosper.

VIS works with foreign businesses to help them explore their new market in Vietnam from the initial research to market visits, from first discussion with local business partners to various business transactions or office set-up. VIS understands and answers to all your general and detailed business enquiries, offering the best services to any of your company’s demand in the new market. VIS can help you get to grips quickly with overseas regulations and business practice. All of VIS services are to ensure foreign companies explore best opportunities and success in the market.

VIS’s wide range of services is good solutions for overseas importers and exporters, for service providers and manufacturing companies. VIS is here to help overseas companies finding their new export or import markets, new manufacturing base or the most suitable local business partners or even staff for your new office.

VIS also expands its services to overseas companies from a wide range of industries from healthcare to construction, from consumer goods to chemicals, from education to ICT through their strong network in local market.

VIS targets to small overseas companies which want to have new market business solution with reasonable cost. VIS can help you explore best opportunities and win in new foreign markets on every step of the business journey.

To Vietnamese companies wishing to expand their market overseas

Vietnam Insight is a resource centre and consultant for Vietnamese companies when they are considering expanding overseas with their products and services. We help Vietnamese companies explore new market initiatives, consider success possibilities or potential partners in new overseas market, pursue expanding strategies and succeed in their expansion plan.

We supply local companies with overseas market information from general economic factors, cultural practices and etiquette, laws and politics, trade customs, etc to tailored information such as market study on specific products, market entrance plan and potential business partner match making. VIS is the answer to whatever of your concern in new foreign market.

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